La Sardina, Me And A Day At The Sea

Last week I returned to the UK for the 1st time in 6 months to see my friends and family. Living in land-locked Austria has made me miss the seaside; so when visiting my Grandad in Eastbourne, I couldn’t resist a trip to the beach with La Sardina!

Eastbourne Pier

When we left for Eastbourne it was dull and raining in my hometown of Tunbridge Wells. My Mum told me that the weather would be better once we reached the coast but I didn’t believe her….she was right! We got off the train and the sun was actually shining! We took full advantage of the weather by heading straight to a fish and chip shop and then had a walk along the pier. I had a redscale film in La Sardina and was really pleased with how the shots came out!

Seagulls and the sea

And I’m especially happy with the photos of Grandad and I – I was always one of those difficult kids who hated being photographed with my family but I guess I’ve matured a little bit!

My Grandad

But even though the sun was shining, my girlfriend Ina looked a little cold – I don’t know why, it wasn’t as cold as Vienna in the winter!

Cold Lady

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