Greenwood: Seattle's Smalltown Mainstreet

I found myself beginning or ending each roll of film with shots around my workplace in Seattle’s Greenwood neighborhood. It has a family friendly, artistic, small town vibe despite being just minutes north of downtown. Visit here and you might forget you’re in the Pacific Northwest’s largest city!

Like so many other Seattleites, my story began in a small town in the midwest. I moved here about two years ago, excited about the prospect of living in the heart of the big, exciting city. I took a temp job at one of the tallest buildings in the financial district – and felt like a fish out of water. I’m not the type of girl who walks around wearing high heels and has an eight-word drink order at Starbucks. Needless to say, I didn’t make any new friends there.

Fortunately I found a full-time job in a neighborhood just north of the city called Greenwood. I’ve also heard the area referred to as “Phinney-Ridge”, but the part I like so much is centered around Greenwood Avenue: between 75th & 85th. It really does feel like the main street in my hometown. You won’t find many chains here; almost every store is a specialty boutique, bar or coffee shop. Every shop window is layered with fliers for local events: including monthly art walks and seasonal car shows.

The other main difference I’ve noticed between Greenwood and other hip Seattle neighborhoods like Capitol Hill, Queen Anne, or Ballard, is that there are kids everywhere! It’s really refreshing to see kids running down the sidewalk in their school uniforms laughing and playing. The Woodland Park Zoo is just south of Greenwood, and is a wonderful attraction for families.

Even just strolling the side streets, you can’t help but notice the eclectic personalities that reside here. Look for the lime green house on the west side of the street, which not only features the typical extravagant garden, but also a poetry drop box. The excessive amounts of art, color, and coffee in Greenwood are sure to leave you feeling invigorated!

written by katherine-lynn on 2011-07-06 #places #family #location #fine-art #art-and-culture-car-show-zoo-food-and-drink

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