Waterval Boven

To escape the city, me and my family own a little house in a very little town called Waterval Boven, this is so we can get out of Johannesburg for a bit and recharge, this is indeed the quintessential one-horse town minus the horse.

The town was renamed in 2009 to Emgwenya meaning “Place of the Crocodile”. But originally it was named after its location “above the waterfall", it was built as a mining town in 1894 and is home to lots of semidetached single storey homes, most with brooky lace trims! (This includes our own).

It is about a 3-hour drive from the city and another 3 hours would lead you into Maputo so it is also a great overnight stop if you’re on a road trip to the beautiful beaches of Mozambique.

It is a very charming little town and houses some of the oldest steam locomotives in South Africa. The town is very well-known for rock climbing and trout fishing! The surrounding areas are full of all kinds of adrenalin pumping activities and some of the best pancakes this side of the southern hemisphere!

We often just go for a relaxing weekend but every now and then adventure calls. This particular trip we went to do an Easter egg hunt for a children’s home nearby. We raised over 3000 eggs and made parcels for each child giving the extras to kids in our local areas.

As we were there for a few days we got to explore the town a bit more. We brought along with us our 3 pooches and decided they would be the leaders of our exploration, pulling us along they took us past many houses waking all the dogs in the neighbourhood! The municipality buildings are small and are the most ‘modern’ buildings in town, if you can call them that. The real beauty lies down by the rail track, there are still some old trains in the yards and the route is mainly used by commercial trains however a few passenger trains do exist. There are at least 8 religious buildings, 4 of which are next to one another, they are of every kind and on Sunday mornings no matter where you are staying in the town you are awoken by the many church bells.

For a getaway that demands you to do nothing or everything, this is the place to go!

written by nicx on 2011-06-25 #places #town #trains #adventure #relax #location #escape #mining #escape-from-the-city

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