Multiple Exposure Cheat


Do you have a collection of negatives that really aren’t doing much, and quite frankly never will? The type that originates from before you discovered the Lomo world and now make you wince at the blandness of their content? Don’t fear, I have a solution.

You will need:

- Boring negatives
- A scanner with a light box

This tipster is easy-peasy if you own a scanner that can scan negatives, however there are plenty of tipsters out there for you to recreate your own negative scanner.

All you need to do is build up two or more layers of negatives by placing them one on top of the other, put them on your scanning bed, set your scanner to the negative setting and scan away!

You can get an idea of the composition by holding the negatives up to the light and trying out various combinations, or you can you go true Lomo and just scan them without planning.

This is a great way to spruce up your old photographs and give them a new lease on life by making them appear multi-exposed. I have worked with layering two negatives each time but I would be interested to see how far the number-of-layers boundary can be pushed. Any takers?

written by hazy_baby on 2011-07-06 #gear #tutorials #negatives #multiple-exposure #scanning #tipster #lomography #scanner


  1. nikkaxxx
    nikkaxxx ·

    I made something similar for the prophecies ;D…

    Scanner is good instrument for experiment, too ;D

  2. ingwaybee
    ingwaybee ·

    Great idea!

  3. ho0la
    ho0la ·

    great tips ... :D

  4. sidsel
    sidsel ·

    cool tip!

  5. chucknoz
    chucknoz ·

    I'd thought about this but not tried it, as wasnt sure if the stacked negs would scan properly. Nice tip.

  6. johann_affendy
    johann_affendy ·

    i've read this before but still a good tip, nonetheless. thanks for sharing!

  7. jmwg
    jmwg ·

    I had the same idea last week!
    Here is a result:
    (it's a negative)

    <a href="…" title="untiteld #3"><img src="…" width="576" height="387" alt="untiteld #3" /></a>

    nice greetings, jmwg

  8. jmwg
    jmwg ·

    I'm sorry, i think i can't show the photo in my comment.
    You can see it in my folder "experimental", it's the first picture (a woman and a fire )..

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