Jackson, Mississippi: A City Falling Apart


Down in the Deep South, there is a city whose charm is its lack of charm (and also its fried chicken). Want to see some urban decay?

I have visited Jackson twice now, as part of a touring show I was in, and in this time I think I’ve gotten a feel of the city. It feels old, like a place that’s been eroded away with time. There is water damage everywhere, tons of abandoned buildings, and plenty of cracked pavement for grass to grow through. In all of these, though, it’s very pretty, in a tragic sort of way. Have a look:

Cameras used: Polaroid Automatic 350, Holga 120 FN, Holga 135 BC, Horizon 202

written by nation_of_pomation on 2011-06-26 #places #location #local-flavor #jackson-mississippi-35mm-medium-format-120-polaroid-instant-film-urban-decay

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  1. dhuffone
    dhuffone ·

    Cool pics, cool city! :-) That spammer said "Let's Facelift bar!" WTF?

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