Lomo Amigo Natalie Zwillinger Shoots with La Sardina


The queen of multiple exposures is back again. A prodigal Lomographer, she keeps coming back to her roots after being away on some other creative pursuits. We gave her a brand new La Sardina camera to shoot with, read on to see the results!

How long has it been since you took your Lomo cameras out of the back burner?
NZ: It’s never been in the back burner….what is a back burner anyway??

What have you been busy with?
NZ: Studying Portuguese in Lisbon… Walking the dog… Cleaning the house… Maybe I can sum up by saying ‘Being a good housewife’ – But don’t worry, I have been doing art stuff in between…

What or who did you most enjoy turning the Sardina’s wide-angle lens on?
NZ: Window displays at night

Describe La Sardina in 5 words.
NZ: Blue. Spicy. Friendly. Close. Cute

If you could take La Sardina to one place in the world, where would it be?
NZ: Portugal. Where did I take it? The Sardine Parties are coming – People will be out on the streets making them, eating them, touching them, and I will have one to shoot with!

Your photos seem to be lighter and less haunting. Was that a conscious effort? What goes on in your head before you press the shutter?
NZ: I’m assuming the haunting sensation comes with a lack of light – Here the ‘hole’ or the ‘shutter’ if you want to be professional (which is a word I hate) is so big that lots of light comes in – I think that’s the biggest surprise I had when I looked at the results – And nothing goes on inside my head before I press the button – It’s inside my eye…

Natalie Zwillinger

Do you still collect all of your boarding passes? Why?
NZ: Always…And don’t ask me why. I have no clue…The only downfall these days is they give you the boarding card on thermal paper that’s almost the same as digital photos…It disappears! So unfair, my collection will never be complete. I wish they’d go back to tickets with 5 pages and copy paper in between, they rocked.

Do you have other restaurant recommendations for us? As usual, name and address please.
NZ: Yeah…there’s a great one on Mars

How do you juggle photography, filmmaking and printmaking?
NZ: …You forgot weaving

From a professional point of view, what is the single most important tip you can give to La Sardina shooters?
NZ: ‘From a professional point of view’ I say: La Sardina has the most amazing focus for 0.7 – Super close ups are amazing – It is a bit soft on the infinity point. But unbelievable on close-close-close-ups.
Use it at night with the multiple exposure button – I did 3 exposures and it came out super.
Don’t go above 100 ISO on a hot summer day – As I said, the ‘hole’ is huge.
Eat at least one can of sardines a day and document yourself…Go fishing with the camera…Fish lovers will love you for life…

Last couple of questions – Do you like fish? If yes, what’s your favorite?
NZ: My favorite fish is anything without bones – I tend to choke on even the smallest bones – I think sole is my favorite fish…And it is also the name of my Godchild…And I’m not saying I want to eat my Godchild…It’s just a funny coincidence.

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Natalie Zwillinger

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