LomoPeople India: Srinivas Bobbili / Hydrabad

This month we present to you a Lomographer from the city of Nawabs and Biryani. He’s been making beautiful pictures with his Diana Mini and he’s here to tell is about film, Diana Mini and why he loves it so much.

Name : Srinivas Bobbili
Location : Hydrabad, India
Lomo Home : srinivasbobbili

Why Film?

Though I started my photographic endeavor with the film camera, I was asking the same question to myself having been fallen in to the digital drive and shooting the digital for so many years.

As the time goes on and with the changing perception towards to the imagery, I fell in love with the painterly images that I was getting out of the Diana Mini. Film is an innocent and sober medium that preserves the true quality of atmospheric light especially when not exposed by means of a manipulative magnifying optics used in between.

How did Lomography shape your perception about photographs?

The way I looking at things never changed, but as a painter, I always would like to see my images as visual impressions rather than the crisp images made out of optics and digital sensors.

I am very fortunate to come across with the Lomographic approach, and the imagery I am getting out of Lomography is just like a quick painting. With Lomography, now I feel more like a painter than a photographer.

Your favourite Lomography camera and why?

The “inconspicuous” Diana Mini is my favorite Lomography camera, because of its 24 X 24 square format in 35mm film, and its size that one can carry it along all the time.

Tell us the story behind your favorite picture.

During one of my recent commutations in the city, the bus stopped of a problem in the middle of one of the busy roads in Hyderabad, and no surprise, passengers were asked by the driver to get down and push the bus in order to start it again.

Imagining a bit how the situation would be the next moment, I got ready with the Diana, which is almost all the time there in my hand, got down from the bus and captured this moment. Don’t know whether to call this moment funny or sad, but this is a common situation in India where the public transport often falls in the trouble and passengers had to help shoot the trouble.

One tip for all the Lomographers out there?

As everyone knows, the world is so dynamic; you’ll never know how it’s going to turn up the next moment, perhaps that very same moment may inspire you to express. So never go alone and leave your camera back at home, carry it along wherever you go.

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