NYE (and Every Other Saturday of the Year) @ KCLSU

NYE 2010 in the comfort of your own student union.

Being a King’s Student, KCLSU, our beloved student union, is one of our regular haunts, especially on Saturday nights when it’s open to the public at large. (http://www.afterskoolklub.co.uk/file/index.html)

So, when it came to New Year’s Eve, it was for once, an easy decision, straight to Surrey Street.

The union’s on the Thames edge next to Somerset House, with the bar on about four floors up and Tutus (where the dancing happens) on the top two floors. If you’re brave enough to face the crush, the view from the windows is amazing for fireworks fans. Easy to get home from, McD’s all night on the Strand, pint-sized Long Island Iced Teas for six quid. What more d’you want?

written by mcmore on 2011-06-23 #places #location #night-on-the-town #nye-saturday-kclsu

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