Super Dad Goes Analogue Rumble

參加 “Super Dad Goes Analogue Rumble”,跟老爸來個 Lomography Film Swap 攝影合作企劃。拍出父子或父女之間獨有的默契及風格,留下具紀念性的 analogue 照片。優秀作品更可贏取 Piggies,作網上購物使用。

其實,爸爸早已對你的 analogue 相機感覺蠢蠢欲動,想一展其拍攝技術,誰知爸爸年輕時就是攝影高手?這次 film swap 是你跟爸爸之間一次珍貴合作,活動是這樣進行的:
1. 預備足夠的膠卷和你的 analogue 相機
2. 把以上所有完全的交給你的爸爸,還說一句:“拿去享受 analogue 樂趣吧”
3. 這個重要:當你爸已完成一卷膠卷,回片時,別把膠卷回到盡頭
4. 將你爸用過的膠卷再放入你心儀的 analogue 相機,這回到你去拍拍照
5. 這樣一卷底片,便是你跟爸爸的合作重曝

In fact, Daddy is interested in all your lomographic cameras. Who knows, maybe daddy is an analogue super fan in youngster. This film swap project is a valuable chance to work with your dad, here’s how it works:
1. Get enough films and prepare your analogue cameras
2. Pass the cameras and films to your father,and say : “Enjoy the analogue photography fun”
3. Important: When your father has completed a roll of film, when rewinding the films, do not rewind to the end of the film
4. Now, your turn to use the same roll of film daddy had used. Go and get some nice shots!
5. A roll of double exposures film is then done by you and your dad
How will the films look like? Join this competition to share with us.

  • 截止日期:2011年 6 月 30 日
  • 獎品:三位優勝者會分別每人得到 20 Piggies (價值 200 HKD ,於 網上商店 使用)
  • 每人最多參賽作品:無限
  • 參加方法:上載相片到你的相簿內,然後在這頁下面按「加入相片」,選擇你的相片
  • Lab 使用教學(上載方法)
  • Rumble end date: June 30, 2011
  • Prize: Each of the 3 winners will gain 20 piggies ( 200 HKD, for Online Shop use)
  • Maximum Submission: Unlimited
  • How to?: Upload photos to your album, then press “add photo” to this page, choose your photos for submission
  • Getting started with Lab (how to upload)

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