Charms of Hindustan: Crash Course in Handling India


India is one of the places one has to go to if you’re a photographer. But how to handle yourself in a country which is totally foreign? Well here is a small crash course on how to handle India.

Young boy dressed up as Lord Hanumaan, Gurgaon, Haryana

India is one place you have to visit if you’re even 1% related to photography. Ask anyone who’s ever visited India and they will agree. There is nothing which matches the charm. But India can be tricky because of the poverty and the people out to fleece you. How to handle all that? Well here is a simple guide. =)

Mary Rose Church, Goa

Akshay’s Pre Travel to India Crash Course

  • Get an Indian contact. Before the trip, Facebook friends, ask them if they have any Indian friends. India is the second largest population in the world. The odds are that you’ll get to know more than one person (there are just so many Indians, you can’t get by without knowing them =p). They will be able to guide you to places which the Lonely Planet guide can’t imagine of. They might also be able to arrange places for you to stay, advise you on travel, and just make your stay in India 99% easier.
Pushkar in Jan, Rajasthan
  • When in need, ask. Indians have a habit of being a little too helpful when it comes to giving directions or when in trouble. So if you’re lost, just ask for directions. Or if you need something, just ask.
Jal Mahal in Jaipur, Rajasthan
  • Relax! There is always a solution for everything in India. When you come to India, you’ll see chaos and it’s just difficult to imagine life in that flux. Don’t worry and relax. You’ll get used to it soon and enjoy it once you are all cool.
St Andrews Church, Mumbai, Maharashtra
  • India is really huge and vibrant. So before you come, make a plan on how to spend time else you’ll just end up confused.
Kali Maa Temple, New Delhi
  • Go easy on the food, Indian food in India is different from Indian food abroad. So don’t end up gobbling down everything and fall ill.
Connaught Place Rooftop view, New Delhi
  • The Indian public transport is safe and good. So don’t worry about traveling by train or autos. Just in case you want to make sure of the safety, there are always radio cabs in most major cities.
Goa from hiltop, Goa
  • Sharpen your bargaining skills. Other than the shops, most street vendors will not mind you bargaining and you can end up saving a LOT.
Book on sketches of New Delhi

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  1. caromi
    caromi ·

    Your advice for India would work well in Peru :P
    Lovely photographs and article!

  2. adi_totp
    adi_totp ·

    good advice! I'm going there on February!

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