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2011-06-30 1

Here’s an attempt to cover the most popular places in the city if you only have a day to spend in Kuala Lumpur, these spots are truly worth a visit!

With the burning desire to see the Petronas Twin Towers, me and a couple of friends flew in early in the morning from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur. From the airport, it took a long cab ride underneath the scorching sun. Despite the cab’s A/C, the heat was still seeping through the windows. It was more of a blessing than an inconvenience since we couldn’t have rain on our only day in KL.

Credits: stuckintraffic

Once we got to our hotel, we just dropped our bags off and rushed to greet the hustle and bustle of Kuala Lumpur.

Credits: stuckintraffic

Our first stop was the Petronas Twin Towers. I was in awe of how marvelous the twin giants were. They were quite Lomo-photogenic too!

Credits: stuckintraffic

We couldn’t help but be the tourists that we are and have some photos with the towers.

Since we didn’t have time to wait, we weren’t able to go to the Skybridge. We went around the Suria KLCC Mall, the mall right smack behind the towers, instead to have lunch. The mall houses several popular stores. You can’t go wrong with paying it a visit.

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Next up on our list was the Menara KL Tower. At 1,381 ft., it is known to be the second tallest freestanding tower in the world.

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Upon entrance, they have the Malaysia Cultural Village where I met this lovely robot. Before entering the tower, they also have stalls where you can buy your souvenirs. I was actually able to score some cheap finds in there.

Credits: stuckintraffic

The elevator took us all the way up there and saw a spectacular bird’s eye view of the city.

Credits: stuckintraffic

And in passing, we saw the Pavilion mall, where all the expensive brands are.

It was a nice trip but I ran out of film and had to miss shots of these other destinations in KL:

1) Beryl’s Chocolate Kingdom – a chocolate paradise. The Tiramisu Almond Chocolates are a must try!
2) Berjaya Times Square mall – around 13 floors tall and where you will find Cosmo’s World (A huge indoor theme park).
3) Sultan Abdul Samad Building – rich with history and a really beautiful work of art.
4) Dataran Merdeka Independence Square – right across the Sultan Abdul Samad Building, one of the most important landmarks of Malaysia.

We also had the fortune of meeting a very nice cab driver named Yos who was very much willing to take us around and drop us off the airport for a much lower price.

We called it a day late in the afternoon and decided to rest in our cozy hotel room. It was a day chuck-full of experiences and sights. Me and my friends wouldn’t have wanted it to end early (There were so many places yet to see! We were just glad that we we were able to go to those we were really aiming for) but we had an early flight to catch the next day and had to surrender ourselves to sleep due to running around the city under the intense KL heat.

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  1. apissepet
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    Amazed by my own country! :)

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