My First Roll on the LC-Wide!

Everytime there is a new Lomography camera launch, I am very excited to find out about it. But excitement turned to disbelief when I discovered the price of the LC-Wide. It seems to be an overpriced piece of toy…

However, things took another turn when I saw those lovely LC-Wide photos posted on Lomography online. As I read on, I get more tempted to buy it. When I felt ready to take the plunge, it was sold out on Lomography Asia!!!

Now I have no choice but to pre-order and wait for the next shipment. Fortunately, I don’t have to wait long and about 1 week later, I took delivery of the LC-Wide.

First impressions are that the construction and workmanship are more or less the same as the LC-A+ and I wonder why I am paying so much more? The black wooden box’s contents are also very familiar to me: cable release, 2 rolls of negatives, manual, photo book, strap and 2 film masks. Fortunately, the next day is a Saturday and I immediately took the LC-Wide for a test shoot. I didn’t fix the supplied mask as I wanted to have the flexibility to switch between Full frame (FF) & Half frame (HF) mode.

After taking a few standard FF shots, I began to remember what I read on the Lomography website and started experimenting with a mixture of FF & HF shots. Along the way, I took a few MX shots.

Here’s my totally unscientific and personal pros & cons after collecting the results:

1. Shorter minimum focusing distance of 0.4m as compared to LC-A+.
2. Able to easily switch between FF & HF mode if you don’t fix the supplied masks.
3. Ultra wide angle enables you to get up close and personal with the subject. Good for street shooting.
4. Able to get seamless panoramic by shooting in HF mode without using the mask.
5. I can mix FF & HF on the same exposure.

1. It cannot fit the Splitzer (which is my favorite LC-A+ accessory). However, you can mitigate this somewhat by setting the lens cover to HF mode and take a shot. For the next shot, open the lens cover to the FF mode.
2. Expensive. However, I don’t see this as a deterrent as it is sold out the second time on Lomo Asia.

In summary, I can foresee that this camera will being me endless fun in the days to come. A lot of people still think that this camera is overpriced but now I think it is worth every cent as the possibilities are infinite! Go grab one and Lomo on!

written by coolsigg on 2011-06-23 #gear #test #35mm #review #walkabout #streets #chrome #100 #singapore #roll #lomo #lomography #xpro #film-camera #user-review #requested #lc-wide

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