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Out of all the User Blog posts and articles published in the last week, which ones were the most popular? Here they are neatly prepared for mass consumption!

Credits: larahacefotos

With the constant stream of articles, It’s nice to see how the content in the User Blogs are slowly diversifying! From the regular musings to favorite photos by others Lomographers, the community has finally embraced the concept of the blogs. Here’s a toast to the awesome articles we have for this week and of course, the future!

Credits: larahacefotos

Adéu Girona by larahacefotos,

Credits: lawypop

Be Creative ! Part One by lawypop,

Credits: dakadev_pui

I heart lomography by goonies,

Credits: brommi

H.Q.M.E by brommi,

Credits: fivedayforecast

Five Day Forecast's Fresh New Analog Tunes by fivedayforecast,

Credits: mephisto19

World PInhole Photography Day 2011 by mephisto19,

Credits: brommi

You never know what will happen by brommi,

Credits: carmenism

My Current Sixty Most Popular Photos by carmenism,

Credits: saidseni

Energy that Moves the World - Find your pictures! by saidseni,

Credits: pzjo

Balloons! by pzjo,

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