World’s Smallest Post Service


Snail mail is among the traditions that hardly stood a chance against technology. But with snail mail that’s, well, smaller than a snail, it just might crawl back.

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One of the many creative projects of Lea Redmond, The World’s Smallest Post Service turns your messages into incredibly minuscule letters, legible only under a magnifying glass.

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The letter is then slipped inside the tiniest envelope, sealed with authentic red wax (with your initial!), and labeled with the tiniest stamp.

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The novelty of it is just refreshing. And I thought only mobile phones and netbooks (which, incidentally, we read our electronic mail with) got smaller and smaller.

And speaking of e-mail, have you tried doing Photomails yet? Send the message as insterestingly – and without the wait – by turning your Lomographs into e-postcards! Read the Photomails instructions to get started.

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