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Are you having headaches with low light shooting? Are you frustrated when you want to take some clear and sharp photos during night parties? Lomography Ringflash is the solution to capture smiles and crazy faces during night parties.

Credits: guitarleo

I am using LC-A+, as it can shoot longer exposures, but humans do not freeze in the party for just a photo. The Lomography Ringflash helps to freeze and capture every single facial expression in the party.

Credits: guitarleo

It uses 2 AA batteries to operate. This is not just compatible with LC-A+, you also can attach with Fisheye, Fisheye 2, LC-A, Holga, or Diana F+. Camera holders are included in the package, so there will be no problem to attach the Ringflash on your camera. Color & diffusion rings are also included, and color splashing shooting is definitely fun.

When you attach the Ringflash to the LC-A+, the light meter has been blocked. It is better to set to higher ISO to prevent overexposure. For me, I always release the shutter just as fast as I can. Set the focus distance to 0.8m, everything within this distance will be clear and sharp. The Ringflash power is not strong enough to capture far objects. So please do keep in mind, shoot close. Create your color with the color rings, just like color splash flash!

Credits: guitarleo

The viewfinder of LC-A+ also will be blocked by the Ringflash. The object maybe out of the frame, use your sense to guess the perfect position. Follow Lomography rules number 8, you don’t have to know beforehand what you captured on film.

Credits: guitarleo

The Ringflash is good for night shooting, and people will be amazed when they see this cute ring shape flash. When they come near, shoot them.

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  1. analogmonolog
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    it's always my dream to own a colorsplash :P

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