World’s Largest Photo is Still Analogue

The “Great Photo,” taken by a pinhole camera, is still the greatest photo after five years.

Five years. That’s an awful lot of time in the context of world records. You’d think that with lightning-fast developments in technology, something as frequently produced as a photograph could only hold a title for so long.

The 31 ft x 7 ft x 111 ft photograph was shot in 2006 with a makeshift pinhole camera. The said camera, which is basically an abandoned hangar, also holds the record World’s Largest Pinhole Camera.

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The El Toro Control Tower, runways, and San Joaquin Hills served as the subjects of the photograph taken by The Legacy Project. The purpose was to document the air station’s transformation into a metropolitan park as well as make a statement about photographic traditions vs. technological advancement.

For more information on the invincible colossal photograph, visit the Legacy Project's website.

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