Dirkon-ized Leica M3


A fully functional paper pinhole camera from Communist Czechoslovakia is revisited by an English student.

If you know your history, you would be able to tell that the camera is from the distant past. Since 1993, Czechoslovakia has been no more. The ex-sovereign state was peacully split into two independent countries, the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Photo via Buninacan.com

The Dirkon, a paper camera kit, was distrubuted through a magazine during a time when publications were controlled by the state. This is why the camera makes a certain generation of Czechs wax poetic. And thanks to a Central Saint Martins student, they’re in for a nostalgic trip.

Although Matthew Nicholson did not follow the kit’s instructions to the last detail – he actually ended up with a Leica M3 version, he expressedly took inspiration from it. Take a look:

Photos via Matthew Nicholson's Flickr

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