Fu's in Chinatown: Manchester

I have been to Chinatown in Manchester a number of times, most recently for the Lomo Roadshow and I have always tried a new restaurant. This time it was Fu’s and I think we will definitely be returning.

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People always tell me that the Chinatown area in Manchester is small, and not as good as other cities but when you come from Leeds, which has about 2 restaurants in the area and not a lot else, let alone an impressive arch.

Credits: kneehigh85

I found the whole area quite peaceful, even when descended upon by an army of lomographers and there is a lot going on in this small square. There are of course Chinese restaurants (and also Thai and Japanese). Then there are the little stores, selling imported goods such as paper lanterns, silk purses and of course, the famous maneki neko (beckoning cat).

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After the roadshow and a good chat with some fellow lomo-addicts we were pretty hungry so had a mosey back to Chinatown to choose a restaurant. Although we had been to a few before on previous trips and always pleased, we wanted to try somewhere different. We stumbled upon Fu’s on our third meander around the square and chose it on the basis that it was fairly busy, but they had a table available right away.

It was an excellent choice and the food was lovely and at a reasonable price too. A lot of the customers seemed to be regulars which I always think is a good sign. I even had a go at a few long exposures while we dined.

Credits: kneehigh85

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