The Magic of Multi-Lens Cameras


Analogue pictures are awesome, it’s pretty interesting looking at old pictures of your grandpa or your own Lomo-pictures, but there is something that you miss sometimes about them, and that’s motion.

A few years ago I read what Lomography was, and let me tell you something: I didn’t understand a single word I read. However, two weeks ago I bought my first Lomo-camera: a sweet ActionSampler.

Things started to change a bit, I finally understood (I think) what Lomography is and the importance of simple things.


First, to start using my ActionSampler I bought a Kodak Pro ASA 100 roll, I didn’t know that roll only worked for bright sunny days, so I wasted lots of shots in the shade:

First roll ever

Then, in my second roll, I took I little more advantage of light and results got way better:

Second roll

Now, I’m shooting (to change things a bit) with a 400 ASA roll, I will post my results later on!

Using an ActionSampler can be very fun: you can create micro-movies, small situations or keep record of an interesting event you want. However, you can only use it at daytime, and sometimes that can be very boring if the ActionSampler is your only camera (as it is in my case), that’s why having an extra camera is always good, like anything with a flash.

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  1. psychicd
    psychicd ·

    action sampler is also my 1st LOMO camera..and i luv it..

  2. ashdinosaur
    ashdinosaur ·

    Yeah, that's why I always stress out deciding which cameras to take with me when I go somewhere! I had an Oktomat but it broke somehow after one roll :( so I got a Robot 3 because it was cheap, and I'm just waiting to collect my first roll from it. I'd like to try an action sampler though, I like even numbers!

  3. retrakill
    retrakill ·

    The actionsampler is great. I actually found it created some really interesting shots with a lower ISO, it's an interesting idea that this amazing sequencer can be utilised to demonstrate the difficulties of identifying change in darkness.

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