Photograms: The Photographic Technique Without a Camera


Artistic photograms…the photographic technique without a camera, is very rewarding and the technique that I enjoyed most when I studied photography.

The technique consists of arranging objects on a sheet of photo-sensitive paper and exposing it to light, leaving behind the silhouettes of the objects. Transparent or translucent objects can be used to vary the tonal effects of the silhouettes.

The light from the enlarger should be limited by a very low aperture and well focussed on the paper so as to leave the objects’ shadows with clearly defined borders.

If an enlarger isn’t available, you can use a weak light source such as a small bulb. The light should always be uniform and directly above the work surface.

Here are some of the photograms that I made in 2000.

Paper used Ilford Multigrade IV
Enlarger: Meopta Opemus 5
Exposure time:30s
Objects used: headphone, cds, tobacco, negatives, clips, small bottle of aftershave.

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  1. explorette
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    im going to be doing some of these in a few weeks now i have all the equiptment :D good stuff

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