Fuji T64: The Lady in Pink


When tungsten films were replaced by the white balance function of digital cameras, Fuji film is the only company that still produces consumer grade tungsten film, Fuji T64. After this lady goes through the baptism of C-41 solution, I am left with different shades of reds and surprises of MX shots.

I used T64 in several different sunny day toy cams and LC-A+, and I found that as long as it is expired less than 2 years and if the ASA setting on LC-A+ is 100/200, the expsoure is perfect regardless if you do any MX.

The scanning of xpro T64 seems to be tricky and a lot of film labs can’t seem to get it right as compared to other xpro film. I am really unsure what are the true colors of xpro T64. The surprises she brings me can only be described using one of the 10 Golden Rules: Expect the Expected!

As T64 is a low speed film, even when the ASA setting is not adjusted during MX, there is no fear of overexposure. MX is a good choice and the end results are great!

After shooting so many rolls of films with my LC-A+, I must say that my favorite photos are those shot using T64. The T64 photos even won me a prize in the “Find a Little Bit of Hong Kong – City Traveler” rumble. I look forward to seeing my Lomograph in the Time Square Lomography Exhibition LomoWalls!

I believe lady T64 will bring me more surprises in the days to come!

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  1. glenn
    glenn ·


  2. life_on_mars
    life_on_mars ·

    ah! it's a surprise) x-pro- is crazy thing, with T64 I always have the yellow and green color, never pink, and my film expired more time)…
    great shots)

  3. cwyeung
    cwyeung ·

    I think the one you used is not T64, but 64T Type II.
    X-PRO result of them are totally different.

  4. cpolpa
    cpolpa ·

    thanks a lot for the good article ;)) i buy this film for the first time and i'm keeping it because a don't now yet what i'm really going to do. i think this one is special and i'm going to create something special for him.

  5. jackpumpkinhead
    jackpumpkinhead ·

    Excellent article! Thanks for the advice! :-) @ricardovidal just got my first roll today, have you used yours yet?

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