Lomo LC-A+ Splitzer


Nice, cheap accessory for your LC-A+. This thing is capable of making some amazing photos!

I picked up the Lomo LC-A+ Splitzer from the Lomography Online Store for something like 15 Euros when I bought my LC-A+, I thought, meh, for that price, why not?

And really you should try this thing out. You can create some amazing photos with it!


Or vertically:

Or on any angle you like!

Now, these photos may be nice, but it is by no means easy. The red bit is super hard to move, I don’t know if its just mine but I have considered cutting it out altogether and just doing double exposure splitzers rather then unlimited.

And a few of my shots were coming out with only half the shot properly exposed?

I tried to not think and just shoot, and to be honest the shots are just plain rubbish:

BUT, if want to take some time, think about your photos, you CAN get some seriously cool photos!

written by pim_g on 2011-06-22 #gear #splitzer #review #mx #multiple-exposure #accessory #lomography #lc-a #user-review #requested


  1. kamiraze
    kamiraze ·

    So true! A splitzer needs a creative mind to control it.
    A small tip to you and other Splitzer users with the same problem: Lube it up! I used 3 drops of (basic type of sowing machine) oil. I don't think it really matters, as long as you don't use to much.
    Both parts are much easier to move!

  2. neutral-grey
    neutral-grey ·

    For me when the don't think rule goes out the window when using the splitzer.

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