Douro Historic Train (Douro, Portugal)


The historic steam train of Douro is a rare opportunity to travel through a unique landscape in an equally unique way.

The historic steam train of Douro is an experience and opportunity not to be missed. Only available at a short period of the year (in the summer, of course), when the train caretakers take out their most precious and amazing carriages, from what I can only imagine to be a museum, to give people a unique opportunity to travel in them through a beautiful landscape.

I have to confess to you, that my enthusiasm when arriving at the station was almost hard to bare. The well-preserved wooden passenger carriages, the impressive vintage old-steam locomotive, oh, what an atmosphere! And I still had not even gotten on board!

And the reception arrangements as well, couldn’t be better, a band playing popular instruments and dressed accordingly, play and sing popular music along the train line welcoming everyone.

On board the magic continues. The wooden harden seats facing each other, the old brake lever, the classic window drapes…an instant short of a heart attack for any nostalgia and train lover like myself.

Heart attack (of surprise or enthusiasm whatever applies) you should be careful when the old-style buzz calls “EEEEHH all on board”. Short after you leave the station you will begin to see the characteristic landscape of this place, the beautiful green hills of the vineyards that give origin to the famous Porto wine. And on board you are even pampered with a tasting of the local liquor produced with the grapes that you see in the landscape.

The trip is not long, all too short when you are enjoying every minute of it. The train departs from “Régua” and goes all the way to “Tua” with a small stopover in between at the also classic looking station of “Pinhão”. It gave me a chance to take a few more photos of this magical train.

At “Tua”, you have the chance to observe another wonder of the old days, the turning of the locomotive, by hand at the expenses of pure strength. A water refill, some coal back in the oven and you are ready to go.

The trip back is as enjoyable as the first, how not to be, when you are on a steam train with such beautiful surroundings. Between the old vintage train and the unique landscape, trust me, a great experience all together!

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    Cool! Some day I'll try it!

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    great article and pics! :)

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    I have to do it! Amazing pictures.

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    adorei! as fotografias com cor estão mesmo bonitas :)

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