Burley Graffiti Wall

Many people see graffiti as an annoying social problem of the 21st century and something that needs to be banished from towns and cities. For me, it is one of the few forms of art I really cherish and enjoy, and wish there were more fine examples like the ones I’m going to discuss below.

Credits: kneehigh85

I used to live in a fairly rough area of Leeds, not far from the back of the main university campus. Not that all of Burley or LS3 are rough, it is just that around Rose Bank Road where I lived, there was a lot of crime at that time and I hated pretty much every part of living there. One of the only things I enjoyed however, was the ever-changing graffiti on the wall behind the shop at the end of Rose Bank Road. I am pretty unsure as to the legality of spraying that area as there is a large police presence in the area but nobody seems to get hassled even if they are seen doing it. Perhaps it is a private wall owned by the shop, as part of it includes their gate and that too is covered with new designs every now and then, but I honestly have no idea.

Credits: kneehigh85

I like it here for lots of reasons, the quality of the art itself being just one of them. There is none of the usual rubbish you see on garage doors done by a 12-year-old chav with a Sharpie such as “Kez woz eya”. It is all really creative stuff, a lot of thought and effort has gone into it. Even better is the fact that the people there doing it are so nice and respectful. All their stuff goes into the (well painted) bins, they help one another out and are always happy to stop for a chat about their latest work. As the area is so high up on a hill there are also some great views of the surrounding neighbourhood to be had.

Credits: kneehigh85

I would say that if you are in the Leeds centre/Headingley areas, then this place is well worth a visit because it is constantly changing then no 2 visits there are the same.

Credits: fletchinski84

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