RECAP: Central Park Scavenger Hunt @ Lomography Gallery Store NYC Gramercy!


Sunday Scavenger Hunt @ Central Park!

For this Lomography scavenger hunt we sent our teams out to Central Park to search for a few items. Three teams gathered to compete for a few prizes and the glory of beating the opposing teams! We sent each team out with a list of objectives that ranged from finding the Alice in Wonderland statue to taking a photograph with a shirtless stranger.

Equipped with a Diana F+ and some instant film they set off on their journey to roam the park and bring back evidence of their findings. After just a few hours the teams began trickling into the shop with hands full of instant proof. The winners walked away with a few cameras and a day to remember.

2011-06-14 #news #workshop #nyc #new-york #new-york-city #ny #scavenger-hunt #gramercy

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