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Five years ago I was working in an associative radio in Marseille, based in La Friche – Belle de Mai (http://beta.lomography.com/magazine/locations/2008/04/27/old-tobacco-manufacture).

Five years ago I was working in an associative radio in Marseille, based in La Friche – Belle de Mai (http://beta.lomography.com/magazine/locations/2008/04/27/old-tobacco-manufacture).

This radio is involved in the cultural and social life of the city, and the journalists used to make reports for the theme of the week or the month.
One of the themes, when I was working there, has been the housing crisis (That is still an actual subject…) Especially, people living in squats, like families of Romanians who were (and still are but we don’t see it) living in awful tiny places without running water, and nude electric wires everywhere.
Journalists get involved in the squat environment, that is to say : squats openers, squats residents, associations, …

At that time a squat opened in a old and huge EDF (Electricité de France) administrative building. The gathering of fringe people that named it “Golgotha” was preoccupied by Jesus and art (Golgotha was the hill where Jesus got crucified…). They opened the building to the public for one night. A part of it was for the people who lived there only, and the rest was used for art installations. I went there with my friend Nadège, and made some pics with my good old SLR. Lots of them are dark, because I didn’t have any flash at that time. That was a crazy party, beers, punch, weird people everywhere, weird art in rooms, and even a weird shop with clothes “magasin zin-zin”. If you wanted to take something you had to replace it with something you were wearing…

The radio I was working for opened a huge squat for Romanians families. Six or seven floors, something like 500m² each, roof terrace, big kitchen and lots of furniture’s left… Again an EDF administrative building… We’ve had a so great party there with candles, beers and authentic Gypsy music. That’s too bad I did digital all the night long…




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