Make Use of that Half-Frame Setting


In which our hero devises a personal project to capture the essence of a criminal in every day people. Or: fun with friends and mugshot photography!

What you’ll need:

- a Diana Mini (or other half-frame capable cameras),
- a roll of black and white film (Kodak Tri-x 400 is my bw of choice)
- willing participants.

When I shot my first roll of black and white film in my Diana Mini, I’d decided that I would only shoot that roll in half-frame. I hadn’t really played with the half-frame function, so I was prepared to stay dedicated. Then I saw the following picture:

It reminded me of a mugshot. The black and white, the double shots on one picture. So, I made the decision to do a roll of mugshots. I would ask subjects to pose as if they were having their mugshot taken. This entailed dedicating the Diana Mini to a roll of film for however long it would take to burn my last roll of expired Kodak Tri-x 400, and having to talk to people. I wasn’t entirely sure I could live up to these stipulations, but I would do my best.

I mostly talked to people I worked with into helping me out with this one. There’s a few on there that I met at the zoo when my wife and I went, however. And that’s where the project takes a turn. I had the Mini and my Recesky with me, and I’d already burned my roll in the latter. With no other film left and lots of penguins to photograph, I ended up shooting penguins instead of completing the roll with mugshots. I have a soft spot for penguins.

So, take that half-frame camera of yours and take some mugshots! If black and white isn’t your thing, try cross-processing or redscale. And if you’re a bit shy and have a hard time approaching strangers, start with people you know and build that confidence.

written by rrohe on 2011-07-12 #gear #tutorials #art #black-and-white #tipster #half-frame #lomography #diana-mini #quickie #mugshot


  1. thewretched
    thewretched ·

    What a brilliant concept! I might just pick up a roll of black and white film tonight for this! :D

  2. _wasabi_
    _wasabi_ ·

    penguin mugshots! Love it!

  3. kathyy
    kathyy ·

    this is a absolutely brilliant idea! I'll do it with my friends :D

  4. rrohe
    rrohe ·

    glad you all enjoyed it! would love to see how yours come out :)

  5. hello-alexander
    hello-alexander ·

    This is awesome, particularly the penguins.

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