LC-A+ Wide Angle Lens

I’ve been a fan of wide lenses for a long time – I got a wide angle lens for my first digital camera 10 years ago; this was then followed with an even wider lens when I got a DSLR.

My first foray into film photography was with the legendary Konica WaiWai 17mm wide disposable camera, closely followed by the 22mm Vivitar UWS. When I got an LC-A+, I just knew I needed a wide lens; and this is where the LC-A+ Wide Angle Lens comes in!

The lens converts the LC-A+’s 32mm lens to an ultra-wide 20mm! This means you can fit a lots of subjects into one photo. You will also get amazing skies if you’re taking photos of landscapes.

It also allows you to get 35cm from your photographic desire, rather than the LC-A’s standard 80cm. This is ideal for photos of animals, or people, or anything else.

The lens is designed to fit on the LC-A+ using the accessory rail feature. You can use it on an LC-A/LC-M/other cameras if you hold it in front of the camera. This method may not be too reliable, and can lead to unpredictable vignetting/obstructions.

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