Kuching City Day and Night


Kuching is the capital of Sarawak and is a part of Malaysia. Did you know that Kuching is one of the largest cities on Borneo Island? This city has a mixture of old and new buildings. My urban adventures starts at Chinatown, Padungan and other areas in the city from day to night!

Credits: cutebun

This is our signature cat statue that everyone takes picture with. I started my journey from the start of Chinatown to the end. This month we celebrated Gawai and our cat is wearing the traditional Iban costume!

First the hip shot! This is the start of Chinatown with the clock to show time in four directions.

Credits: cutebun

Kuching is the only city in Malaysia that has two city councils, Kuching is divided into the south and north parts. We are from multiracial and ethnic backgrounds and we stand united despite of our different backgrounds. The best part is we celebrate all the festivals together and often visit each other during open house.

Credits: cutebun

This month is a Gawai month also known as Harvest Festival for the natives in Sarawak which consists of Iban, Bidayuh, and others. During the first few days of June, we visited friends that celebrate Gawai in their houses and mostly in the villages rather than in the city.

Back in the city, the old shophouses are preserved to remind the new generation of the historical buildings. Nowadays, the shophouses consist of many shops, some have undergone renovation while some maintained their antique look!

Credits: cutebun

At some parts of Chinatown, there are new buildings, which are shown in one of my shots above through an alley. There’s also a police station right in the middle of the street painted in blue! In this part of town, you can get a lot of traditional biscuits and treats that are made in Sarawak. The shops range from traditional medicine stores to modern, fashionable boutiques!

At the end of Chinatown, there are four more cat statues greeting me at the traffic junction! A little background information on this statue: it was built to celebrate the day Kuching officially earned its city status! We Sarawakians love food, so the street is also filled with restaurants, cafes and coffee shops to cater to all different types of food! From local Sarawak food, oriental (Hong Kong and Taiwan) to Western, and even Philippine food!

Credits: cutebun

On the way back to the start of the city, where I parked my car. I met an uncle selling bananas and newspapers on the sidewalk. I remember taking photos of his goods and he actually stopped talking to a friend to stare at me. I just smiled and walked away.

So this a story of my urban adventures in Chinatown at Jalan Padungan, Kuching. Do visit me someday in Kuching and explore both the city as well as its natural wonders!

Credits: cutebun

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  1. analogmonolog
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    I had just visited kuching. It's a very special place

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    Cool! =D

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    very cool article!! :D

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    Thank you! Come to Kuching again!

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