Diana+ 35mm Back


One of the reasons I got the Diana F+ was because of all the accessories it came with, all the options you had when taking a photograph. The Diana+ 35mm Back is great, not only because it allows you to shoot more photos (24-36 on 35mm instead of 12 or 16 on medium format), but because it gives you even more choices!!!

You can do everything and more with the Diana+ 35mm Back, including using more of the film up. That’s right, get more use out of your film by exposing the sprockets with this wonderful Diana+ 35mm Back.

Credits: gm_mcleod

You can use any 35mm film that you’d like! But what is even better is that you can choose 1 of 4 formats to shoot:

33×48mm: Extended panoramic shot with exposed perforations (27 images per 36 shot roll)

Credits: gm_mcleod

24×48: Extended panoramic shot without exposed perforations (27 images per 36 shot roll)

33×34mm: Square image with exposed perforations (36 images per 36 shot roll)

Credits: gm_mcleod

24×36mm: Standard rectangular image without exposed perforations (36 images per 36 shot roll)

Credits: gm_mcleod

Once you have decided which format you want to use, just insert the mask, switch the film format switch, load your film and you are ready to go!!

My favorite is the first: 33×48mm – Extended panoramic with exposed perforations (sprocket holes). You can always crop the image to exclude the holes after you’ve developed them.

Sprocket Holes… I Love You! Thank you Diana+ 35mm back!

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  1. yabantas
    yabantas ·

    too much framing problem with 35mm film. need much practice to frame proper...

  2. nick_a_tron
    nick_a_tron ·

    @Yabantas To really make the most of the 35mm back, and avoid any paralax and framing errors you need to add a Super-wide lens (which works out to give you a focal length close to the normal.) As well as a Digitalizer to you're shopping list, not to mention a scanner. There's little use in using the frames since all they are doing is cutting your shots sides off. It's nice if you want bang for buck, but you're framing will suffer greatly.

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