Two is Better than One: Berlin² Workshop

What’s better than a roll of film with pictures of Berlin? A double exposed film with pictures of Berlin, that’s what! Simply Berlin²!

First the work, then the fun! That’s what I was told after a week of seminars in Berlin. Since the seminar would take ‘til Friday afternoon, I thought, ’Why not stay for the rest of the weekend?’. I read on about the double exposure-workshop, so I wanted to get there as soon as possible!

My first thought at the Lomography Gallery Store was, ‘How will Peter Zwegat react if I tell him about my future debts because of all the analogue cameras around that I wanted to purchase?’. After a short introduction, we learned more information about Lomography, and we were also spoilt for choice when it came to which camera we’re going to use for the seminar. There’s the Fisheye 2, Diana Mini, Colorsplash and the LC-A. However, having all these choices didn’t really make it easier for me to decide which one I was going to use.

For the first round I ended up choosing the LC-A. Now equipped with a camera and ISO 800 film, we then proceeded with the seminar. We had about two hours to shoot anything that was in front of the lens. My wandering feet took me to Trendmafia in Friedrichshain. After a few snapshots and some purchases, I went to the Alex and the world clock. The meeting point for the (approx. 12) participants was after 2 hours at the Lomography Gallery Store.

Every exposed film got into a little box and everyone picked another film which he/she would expose in the second round. For the second exposure, I decided to use the Colorsplash.

This time I went to the nearby Oranienburger Straße to the Tacheles Kunsthaus-building. I also made a quick stop to the RAW. Our time was already over after that so I went back to the Lomography Gallery Store to return the cameras. Much to my account balance’s amusement, I didn’t spend a lot and decided at the end, only to get the Colorsplash Flash.

And now you can see what became of the double exposed films through the following pictures:

written by analogkid on 2011-06-30 #places #workshop #berlin #location #double-exposure #germany #gallery-store #happening #analogue-kid
translated by plastic_diana

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