Images like Paintings: Vivianavi Amazes!


Once upon a time….
There was a 7 year old girl who received a camera as a present. It was shaped like a panda and with it, she began taking photos of the sea…

Then, one day, you discovered photography… how?
Truth is I grew up with photography. It was always present. My dad never stopped taking pictures of us. Subsequently, I’ve had photographer friends who made me fall further in love with the art that is photography. I learnt a lot from them.

What did Lomography change in terms of looking at photography?
A real lot. I already used film but it gave me so much more creative possibilities and freedom to express myself.

Camera equals…? What does holding a camera mean to you?
It’s like a prosthesis for experimentation.
It’s the paintbrush with which I create paintings of light and colour.
It’s my third eye with which I explore deep, hidden spheres; like a mystic who searches new aesthetic dimensions

Which sort of mood do you feel brings out your most experimental streak?
I try to distance myself from myself in order to absorb the environment which surrounds me, the mood which surrounds me.

What makes you go WOW when you look at a photo?
Strong, vivid emotions, not taking into consideration composition and subject.

Which experiences have made you grow in terms of photography? How long have you been a lomographer?
I’ve developed a lot creatively since I’ve had my Holga.
My first lomography roll is dated March 2010, therefore just over a year.

Who did you get your most important comment from?
…I really enjoy being told that my photos stir emotions.

If photography is art, what does it represent to you? And if it were a book, a film and a song, which would it be?
Many books, film and songs can evoke a certain type of photography.
Films in particular I’d say: Coffee and Cigarettes by Jarmush, Amèlie by Jeunet and Film blue by Kieslowski.

Landscapes or portraits?
Dreamlike landscapes and intimate portraits

Why are you anologue?
I love feeling intimate with film

What do you love abour Lomography?

When makes you proud?
Being interviewed :)

Completely unrelated, what do you have for breakfast
Coffee with milk, cereal, cakes or muffins I made. Sometimes film.

Real Name: Viviana Levrino
Lomo ID: Viannavi
Age: 30
Distinctive features: mad hatter(ess)
Favourite camera: Holga

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  1. horsager
    horsager ·

    Although I don't use a Lomo, I have tried to create photos that look like paintings by shooting through different materials such as rain-covered or foggy glass. You can see some of my work at

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