The Actionsampler: Quadruple Fun! - Staff Review


They say quality is better than quantity but what if you could have both? Rather, what if you could have 4x the fun in one neat little package? The actionsampler is what you’re looking for!

Featuring 4 lenses that capture all the action in the span of one second, the actionsampler divvies up your 35mm frame into 4 boxes of Lomographic goodness. The trademark snap, crackle and pop of the shutter of this tiny, plastic camera has been the fixture of many parties and events seeking a more chic and exciting photographic outlet.

The actionsampler invariably finds its way to every lomographer’s hands because aside from it being and enjoyable toy, it is cheap as well. But don’t get me wrong; it produces some very good output. Just make sure that there are lots and lots of light as the actionsampler craves for that. Don’t forget to use high speed film like ISO 400 or 800 so that you could catch every moment and freeze the action. Once you’re out in the sun, you can tape the gels of your colorsplash flash to the lenses of the camera for some Technicolor events for each of the 4 frames.

written by cruzron on 2008-12-05 #gear #35mm #review #camera #staff #lomography #actionsampler

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  1. jaalvarez
    jaalvarez ·

    Some pics, I think that the quality can be better ... but it is fun to take this photos !!!

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