Dobrofest Open-Air (Yaroslavl, Russian Federation)

Summer 2010: it was hot as hell but we still went to the “Dobrofest” near Yaroslavl, airport Levtsovo.

This event was planed by the organizers as a festival which is going to unite various kinds of art. But me and my friends were more interested in its beer- and rock- part. Moreover, there were some joust, dram’n’bass scene, folk area, etc. The playground was rather large and it’s sheer size was quite amazing. On it we saw different installations, which were spread throughout. For example, a huge sneaker built out of tires.

The festival lasted three days. Everyone who was there were placed in a camp. The main aim of our trip was visiting a concert of groups “Kirpichi” (if we can translate names to English, it means “bricks”) and “Lyapis Trubetskoy”. In expectation of it were: beer, beer, beer…and after it again: beer, beer, beer… At night dram’n’bass revelry and we continued to have fun. On the next day, we returned home and continued to listen to rock music. Not “live” anymore though but tape.

written by ne_fryakai on 2011-06-28 #places #beer #fun #analogue #russia #rock #location #yaroslavl #escape-from-the-city

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