Lomography Gramercy Takes to the Street to Document Local Happenings in Madison Square Park

Summer in Manhattan is quite the magical experience. Ice cream trucks on every corner, bustling neighborhoods, packed trains to Rockaway Beach and of course endless events in your favorite city parks. Most recently, the Lomography Gallery Store Gramercy got word that an event was taking place at our favorite, Madison Square Park, a mere two blocks away! As Lomographers, we seek to take the roads less traveled documenting everything in between and grabbed some cameras and film to document what all the hub-bub was all about.

Come to find out, SoBe launched a new flavors campaign and invited a group of celebrities; actress Jessica Szohr, actress/singer (and come to find out Lomographer) Hilary Duff, model Kate Upton and New York Yankee legend Bernie Williams to “Try Everything!” While engaging in some rather unusual behavior like milking a fake cow filled with orange cream, bowling with a melon, golfing on a bed of tea leaves and throwing a Fuji apple, dwellers of the park took part in some not so crazy events like sweating and gawking at celebrities. Sporting a Sprocket Rocket and an ActionSampler in a sea of professional photographers, we were stopped dozens of times by people demanding to know where we got our killer cameras!

For a big company, much respect to SoBe for keeping few things old school and fun for the audience. Graffiti artists took to a large white backdrop, and within minutes it went from drab to complete neon glory. They were even offering their services to the public, making signs for bands, and a poster to hang over a little boy’s bed. The celebrities were also quite accessible and we even spoke to Hilary Duff and asked her some questions surrounding the 10 Golden Rules…with a twist! To our surprise Hilary is a fan of analogue, shoots with the Holga, would risk life & limb to get an up-close photo of a lions eye and if given a bag of film and a camera would head to Hawaii to snap photos of sea turtles and the beaches.

A great day indeed. Our favorite was the people watching and photo documenting. When it comes to free, us city dwellers love FREE and found it hilarious to see businessmen loading up their briefcases, mothers strapping down their strollers, and kids simply chugging one bottle after another. Needless to say, at the end of the day, people seemed to enjoy the break from their routine as did we. Isn’t that what it’s all about, breaking away from your everyday and doing something unexpected? Glad we were there to capture the spirit and good vibes!

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