Chiaroscuro: Playing with Light and Shadows in the Lomographic World

Chiaroscuro is a term that people don’t always hear, but see in many paintings, movies, and photographs. What exactly is it? Feed your curiosity and take a look at some interesting photos from the community depicting this technique.

Credits: lolfox

Chiaroscuro, by strict definition, is a form of art exhibiting prominent contrasts between light and dark, which creates an impression of three dimensional form and significantly affects the entire composition. Through the years, artists have used this technique to create striking paintings (Caravaggio’s work from the Baroque period/art movement are good examples), photos (most especially portraits), and movies (noir films being the best examples).

In essence, chiaroscuro is an effective visual style that lets one play with light and shadows for unique and compelling photos. It is best achieved with natural or ambient lighting, although it is also often done in studio portraits using the Rembrandt Lighting technique.

If you feel like you’re in a slump with your photography, let our very own Lomographers inspire you to play with light and shadows with their impressive examples of chiaroscuro!

Credits: tannos, h_hache, plasticpopsicle, melodamyus, lolfox, lomographics, hapexme, hhjm, petunia, tommynorth, vgzalez & disdis

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Do you have a chiaroscuro photo that we might have missed? Do share with us through a comment below!

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