LC-A+ Splitzer: Split Your Creativity


The LC-A+ Splitzer enables you to maximize your creativity! Go split those images and let your imagination run wild!

LC-A+ Splitzer is a fun tool to play with. Together with the multiple exposure lever at the bottom of the LC-A+, the splitzer enables your creativity to run wild!

Let me demonstrate you a few ways I use the splitzer.

1) Use the splitzer to tell the present weather

2) Use the splitzer to fake a location

3) Use the splitzer to create a Mango monster!

4) Split it many times!

5) Have you seen my evil twin? (done with a tripod and cable release)

These are only a few ways to use the splitzer! Think of better and more creative ideas with it! and share it with the community!

Hope you enjoy the using the splitzer as much as I do!

written by weihsuan on 2011-06-21 #gear #film #splitzer #review #accessory #lomo #lomography #lc-a #multiple-exposure #user-review #requested

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