Lubitel 166+: The Camera that Does Two Formats with Accuracy


The Lubitel 166+ is an improvement over the Lubitel 166B or 166U. Not only did it inherit all the advantages of the 166U such as a sharp lens, full manual capability & double exposure ability; the Lubitel 166+ is also able to shoot 35mm film (with sprocket holes) as well as 120 film, a great improvement!

Lubitel cameras have been around since the 50s, started off as a close copy of the Voigtlander Brilliant. Through the years, the TLR improved with time and the Lubitel 166+ is the most advanced version of the camera to date. The Lubitel 166+ uses 120 film, and features a triplet all-glass lenses with shutter speeds from 1/250s to B. Apertures can be varied between f/4.5 to f/22. In addition, the Lubikin kit which comes with the camera gives the 166+ the ability to shoot 35mm film with sprocket holes in a panoramic mode. The full manual capability of the Lubitel 166+ enables the photographer control to the aperture and shutter speed for the best suitable exposure setting. No more under exposed photos!

I love to shoot 35mm film on the Lubitel 166+ camera. It gives a panoramic crop as well as the lovely sprocket holes! Turn the camera horizontal, pop open the sports finder, and you get yourself a panoramic camera with sprocket holes. Hold it vertical, you get vertical panorama.

In addition the TLR nature enables you to secretly document the most natural moments of people without inducing attention. Most people look in awe of the TLR but probably doesn’t know you are secretly setting the apertures and shutter speed for a great shot. Check out the shots taken in a flea market above!

The quick shutter speed enables action freezing ability. Do the jump shot with the Lubitel 166+! In addition, the back is removable making future accessories possible. A Polaroid back or instant back similar to the one on the Hasselblad? Splitzer for the Lubitel? Possibility of Wide angle attachment? Changing the back for 220 film? It’s full of possibilities, and that’s why the future is analogue!

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  1. lawypop
    lawypop ·

    I like to see a instax back for this! :) great shots my friend!

  2. cmgawthorp93
    cmgawthorp93 ·

    Yeah, they still haven't released any accessories for the Lubitel 166+ and I haven't heard about anything on it.

  3. sixsixty
    sixsixty ·

    Noticed your 35mm images have scratch marks throughout them. have you figured out how to fix this on the lubitel? It looks like I am having the same problem, I am probably going to send mine back for a replacement.

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