The 3-Eyed Robot

Unlike the conventional multi-lens cameras, this little 3-eyed robot will definitely catch some attention from those around you! But don’t let its cute appearance make it look like a cheap piece of junk. You’ll be shocked by the results this little thing can offer!

I bought this camera last August on my trip to Hong Kong. I’ve done some research about this little guy before, only to find the same few photos on several different websites. Thinking it was just a little piece of plastic junk, I really didn’t expect much from it. However, it really surprised me after I developed my first roll of film. This photos were all filled with bright colours and contrast! If you’re looking for a cute toy camera, this little 3-eyed robot will definitely surprise you.

written by sc-ting on 2011-06-16 #gear #review #motion #robot #action #lomography #multi-lens #disderi #film-camera #user-review

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