The Old Blue Last

The Old BLue Last, your favourite Shoreditch pub.

Vice’s pub, what more can I say? The area’s best boozer, as with all of Shoreditch, it’s probably better on a weekday with gigs most nights of the week upstairs (free more often than not), usually lots of good-looking people (staff included) and a high probability of debauchery, so what more could you want?! It’s argued that perhaps it (and Shoreditch) might have had it’s day, given everyone has upped sticks and headed further east, however the Old Blue still can’t be beaten for it’s (varied) live music and it’s still miles better than ANYTHING west London has to offer.

written by uslan on 2011-06-27 #places #location #lgs #venue-vice-pub-shoreditch-london #the-old-blue-last

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