The Alibi

The Alibi Kingsland High Street, your new favourite Dalston dive bar.

Basement bars are not a new thing to Dalston, the place is built on them! However, let’s be honest, when was the last time you actually went into Visions and what the hell is going on with the Moustache Bar? So what makes the Alibi stand out? Probably the queue! The fact that The Alibi is free, with relatively cheap booze and ever-changing musical line up means it’s still packed out with good looking east Londoners on a regular basis. If you can bear the queue there’s plenty of fun to be had, if you can’t, the equally fun Efes is just a stone’s throw away!

written by uslan on 2011-06-27 #places #location #lcg #the-alibi #venue-alibi-bar-london-dalston-basement

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