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A great single-use camera for underwater fun!

I bought this camera for doing some underwater-shots and the photos turned out quite nice. This single-use and waterproof camera is preloaded with Kodak 800 negative film. The camera isn’t really cheap, it costs 8-9 Euros in Germany. You can make 27 photos with it.

The film is really fast, fast enough for BAD weather and also fast enough for good indoor light conditions.
The pictures you see were taken outside and the sun was shining. Not a single cloud in the sky.

The camera is really light and kind of snuggles in your hand. And what’s important: it swims on the water surface!!!

It’s absolutely perfect for pool parties and underwater shooting! :-)

written by kleeblatt on 2011-06-16 #gear #fun #water #pool #review #single-use #lomography #waterproof #water-fun #film-camera #user-review #kleeblatt

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  1. denha_macedo
    denha_macedo ·

    i love this camera ...

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