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You probably have seen the photos in many Lomography homes and maybe even came across the camera in the Lomography shop; the multilens camera! But why would you invest in this funny bug-eyed camera? What does it add to your camera collection? Read this article to find out!

I’m a 24 year-old Dutch photographer who’s based in Stockholm. About a year ago I was introduced to the Lomography community by buying my very first Lomography camera; a Supersampler. And not a day has gone buy without Lomography ever since.

Credits: dkformsma

Ok, I admit I didn’t only buy a Supersampler. I actually bought several toy cameras at once. But I ended up using my Supersampler the most during the summer of 2010. As a matter of fact, using it was so addictive that I kind of had to force myself to try out my other toy cameras.

Why I couldn’t let go of that camera? Simple. The way the camera is used is a whole new photography experience. It really comes down to the point and shoot principle; no viewfinder, no clue what the photo will look like. It’s about you and your photographic intuition.

As a photographer I work with a Canon DSLR and many people have asked me why I would go back to analogue. And why was I carrying around this odd looking camera that I couldn’t even frame a photo with? Well, that’s the exact reason really. You have no control. In this digital era it’s hard not to become a control freak when it comes to your photography. You can see right away if the light is right, the framing, and if not we can edit everything in Photoshop. Thanks to digital photography framing almost seems to be overrated, everything can be cropped afterwards. But with this way of thinking, we actually crop our own creativity. With the help of this little gem called the Supersampler I’ve overcome many photographer’s blocks. It has challenged me to be more creative than ever.

Credits: dkformsma

Every time I carry around my little bug eyed camera I know that the outcome of the role of film will be a complete surprise. It’s the most spontaneous way of photographing. And since the summer is all about spontaneity, it really is the perfect camera those hot summer days and those beautiful, long summer evenings. So go out, bring your camera and I promise you; once you pull that little cord, you won’t go a day without!

written by dkformsma on 2011-06-14 #lifestyle #summer #multilens #analogue #digital #challenge #creativity #supersampler #intuition #photographer-s-block


  1. welland
    welland ·

    Great article, I can't wait to get my new supersampler out more

  2. haruma_127
    haruma_127 ·

    yuhuu nice article,,i hv supersampler too..

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