Digital Analogue


Yes, you read that right. When you mix a bit of the old and a bit of the new, “digital analogue” becomes a definite possibility.

If you think these are bellows, you’re right!

Lu Sisi, an art student in Glasgow, could have had anachronism in mind when she created a video featuring elements coming from opposite sides of the time scale. On one hand, we have analogue cameras, the stars of the show. On the other, a modern day soundtrack of camera sounds, recordable only with up to date equipment.

Made with a staggering number of 6,000 stills, Digital Analogue is also a stop-motion video – another reason to be fascinated with the beautifully time-confused film.

written by sleepswimming on 2011-06-07 #news #lomography #short-film #news #analogue-cameras #digital-analogue #lu-sisi #anachronism


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