An Imperial Day with La Sardina

When you live in Austria you don’t have to walk far to stumble upon artifacts from imperial times.

The Austrians often indulge in the old Pomp and Circumstance of the imperial age. Vienna and its surroundings are rich in historical places which offer nice treats and motives for Lomographers.

Close to the town limits of Vienna you will find Castle Laxenburg. Together with Castle Schönbrunn, Laxenburg had been one of the main summer residencies of the Habsburgs. The huge park and the magnificent buildings belong to the Habsburgs since 1333! What I like more about Laxenburg is the fact that Kaiser Franz and Sisi spent their honeymoon here!

Today the park is a popular destination for tourists with its beautiful lake and the Franzensburg that is situated on a small island in the middle of the lake.

On the weekends lovestruck couples have boat tours on the lake; families have a picnic among the shades of the huge plane trees. We have a Melange at the old Café inside the Franzensburg and watch the ambitious runners that run around the lake.

For motivated Lomographers there are tons of motives – perfect for an endurance test of the La Sardina! And it passed the test with bravura!

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written by miss_peach on 2011-06-16 #places #castle #vienna #tip #travelling #sightseeing #location #city-trip #la-sardina #laxenburg #lasardina
translated by graefin

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