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2011-06-07 3

Looking through his pictures is like looking into the eyes of the heart. His work looks at the soul of the subject, may it be shooting a stranger on the street or a beautiful friend. Lomography is proud to present our new LomoPeople India : Ankit Goel from New Delhi

Name : Ankit Goel
Location : New Delhi, India
Lomo Home : itshodgepodge

Why Film?

I sometimes smile when asked that question. Hasn’t it always been film? I’d instead ask why digital? Digital came in later and restricted the scope of photography to just “taking pictures”. Photography to me is about contemplation, patience, anticipation, excitement, hysteria. See, I’m not against digital, in fact it’s sometimes inevitable, but I still won’t call that art. May be that’s the reason I don’t appreciate computerized designs over painting on a canvas or for that matter, electronic music over that played on a violin or a rabab. Also, I personally don’t like scanning my negatives, but that’s again kinda unavoidable as I need to post them online.

How did Lomography shape your perception about photographs?

I’d almost been shooting film for two years when a friend of mine introduced me to Lomography. It actually widened the way I thought of film photography. Earlier, I would take my film cameras for trips and photo-walks only, but after Lomography came into my life, I make sure to leave my house with a camera in my hands.

P.S. I’m in love with the Lomo Redscale XR film, and the way it totally changes the overall feel and tone of my pictures. I can spend my life shooting just Redscale and I’m serious.

Your favorite Lomography camera and why?

Though I don’t have a Lomo camera, I do have a Holga BC & I really admire it.
And on alternate nights, I’ve dreams like this:
I dream of a fuchsia Lubitel with a digital back
I dream of a 10^10 dpi scanner in a blue Lowepro backpack
I dream of 20X20 prints, & of a big biggie scanner
I dream of halide, & of silver prices falling like a glider
I dream of the day when I’ll also con
All of you with my film porn!
So I’d most definitely pick the Lubitel

On a serious note, I’d really like to see how a medium format camera behaves when it comes to Lomography, It’ll be an interesting new experience for me.

Tell us the story behind your favorite picture.

Sorry, I can’t pick a favorite out of many. But yes, the one above is a special picture to me.
It was my last day at Bombay and throughout my stay there, I kept on comparing it with Delhi. Both the cities looked similar to me except just one stark difference. That was pride. I could see that people are actually proud to be a part of Bombay and they exude the same in all spheres of life. I saw this man poised with such a grace standing next to his taxi that I felt for a moment “This is Bombay”.

P.S. Personally, I’m as proud of Delhi; it’s just that I don’t see the same around. But that’s my personal observation (no offense).

One tip for all the Lomographers out there?

Lomography is really making some brave moves in the current market. I think it becomes our responsibility to respect that knowing the fact we do have interested and passionate Lomographers around. I’d really ask them to go out and shoot no matter what.

Also, I’d love to see “Lomography” officially included in the Oxford Dictionary as a globally accepted term for “awesome fun film photography” and we are the ones who can dissolve that red wavy line I see when I type Lomography.

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  1. anushreegavas
    anushreegavas ·

    Kudos Ankit!!
    brilliant article : ) I really like your work : )

  2. itshodgepodge
    itshodgepodge ·

    Thank you so much Anushree. I'm surrounded by so many inspiring people (incl you) :D

  3. standbymind
    standbymind ·

    Loved reading it man! And great pictures!

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