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Will these budding writers win a Pulitzer one day? Maybe, maybe not. But one thing is for sure: we love reading their work in the User Blogs!

Credits: ouroborosx

In the history of existence of the User Blogs, we’ve never received this much entries in one month! It seems that May is a magical month for Lomography’s wordsmiths as they find their groove in writing as well as tickling the fancy of the community. Have you been following these masters at wordplay? Here’s the most popular entries for the past month!

Credits: maya_newman

the big five by mephisto19,

Credits: atria007

LOMOKEDADA EN MADRID 1.0 by atria007,

Credits: eva_eva

Black Friday doesn't seems bad after all! by eva_eva,

Credits: icuresick

Finally! Something Perpekt! by icuresick,

Credits: stitch

Imitating Stitch by icuresick,

Credits: takezzo

My photo of the Day - taken by takezzo by mephisto19,

Credits: lawypop

My Photo of the Day - taken by lawypop by mephisto19,

Credits: mephisto19

This photo deserves more attention by mephisto19,

Credits: brommi

Lomotreffen Wunstorf/Steinhude - Es geht auf die Insel! by brommi,

Credits: panelomo

Reminder: Waiting For Prizes by panelomo,

Credits: daforl

Surrealism for Your Home! by daforl,

Credits: cohetesnaranjas

Solo quiero dar las gracias! by cohetesnaranjas,

Credits: c-yusuke

LOMO LC-Wide Party!今夜もぱーりなーぃ! by c-yusuke,

Credits: nathanmarq


Credits: quaisoir

Euro Trip 2011 by quaisoir,

Credits: mephisto19

mephisto19 at Utrecht over Utrecht by mephisto19,

Moonlight Sonata by mikahsupageek,

Credits: pussylove

A new Lomographer by pussylove,

Credits: saidseni

My Nabis is gone. by saidseni,

Instant Love 2 by webo29

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    Woop =)

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    wow! coool blogs!

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