Diana F+ with 35mm Back


The 35mm back is perfect for the beginning film photographer.

I’m not gonna lie, I wanted the Diana F+ because it was adorable. Who wouldn’t? It’s charm is undeniable. But when I got it, I wanted to shoot something with it, not just look at it. Unfortunately, there is nowhere near where I live that can develop 120 mm film, which posed a problem, so when I got it, I got it with the Diana+ 35mm Back. While it might be an extra cost, it wound up saving money.

The backs are very easy to change, and it is much more inexpensive to develop the 35mm film. The sprockets also add a nice touch that I love. The only thing I have to say against it is that the viewfinder is made for the 120 mm film, so when using 35 mm film, watch out. Not everything you see in the viewfinder will make it onto the film.

One of my favorite things about the Diana F+ though is the slightly out of focus touches, the random light leaks, and the double exposures. Digital cameras have nothing on the Diana.

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