The Dolphin

The Dolphin, 165 Mare Street, Hackney, London, E8 3RH
Skanky late night hangout spot in Hackney.

With it’s late licence and blacked out windows, The Dolphin is truly the last resort when you’re in Hackney at the end of the evening (well there’s always The Chicken Shop instead). Massive beer garden (by London standards) and ridiculous murals adorning its walls, this grotty hideout has become a bit of an institution in east London – if you’ve been out in Hackney in the wee hours chances are you’ll end up here.

I could tell you about the music or atmosphere, however I think the rule is what happens in The Dolphin stays in The Dolphin – that or I’ve woken up branded with a dolphin stamp and plain just can’t remember how it got there.

written by uslan on 2011-06-23 #places #location #dolphin #lcg #venue-london-pub-east-nasty-late-night

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