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Credits: atria007

Freedom is always a good thing and with Lomography’s User Blogs, you’re never left wanting! Write your most heartfelt sonnets, emotional poems and moving prose so that your like-minded peers can pick at your brain and share your sentiments. For further inspiration, here’s last week’s most popular entries!

Credits: atria007

LOMOKEDADA EN MADRID 1.0 by atria007,

Credits: mephisto19

A bazillion photos by mephisto19,

Credits: lu_bettyb00p

ODISEA by lu_bettyb00p,

Credits: phaliyp

大崗山超峰寺進香去~- by phaliyp,

Credits: webo29

Malta, where I come from by webo29,

Credits: jimw08

I've had a dream! by jimw08,

Credits: terrys20

odisea by terrys20,

Credits: haraboji

セルフポートレートをライフワークに。- by haraboji,

Credits: t0m7

Camera(dream)s wanted! by t0m7,

Credits: xxxanderrr

I think I'm going to leave. by xxxanderrr,

written by cruzron on 2011-06-06 #lifestyle #week #article #popular #user-blog

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